Future Possibilities for Kids: Empowering Young People

The Journey of Future Possibilities for Kids

Since its establishment in 2001, Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK) has been dedicated to empowering young people between the ages of 9 and 12 to recognize their leadership potential and create positive change in their communities. Over the years, FPK has proudly impacted the lives of more than 6,000 children, equipping them with essential life skills and fostering self-confidence, self-awareness and resiliency.

Until FPK closed its doors in 2023, Future Possibilities for Kids provided children with the tools needed to build their self-awareness, confidence and leadership so that they could accomplish any goal on which they set their hearts and minds. 

Guided by a unique curriculum and a personal KidCoach, FPK's programs enabled each Kid to create a service project, called a Goal of Contribution, of benefit to their community. FPK Kids developed new perspectives and skills that they have benefited from throughout their lives. Working together with a widely diverse community of children and adults, our Kids learn how to reach higher, achieve more and be responsible for creating their own possibilities. 

Origin Story

Founded in 1994 in New York by Lorraine White, Future Possibilities™ provided free coaching to thousands of children, who, in turn, with their newly developed confidence and skills, have gone on to make a positive difference in their communities.  Inspired by White's program in New York, Geri and Harry Berholz launched Future Possibilities Canada in 2001, creating unique leadership programs focused on building future leaders.

At the time of inception, Geri was operating a program for adolescents called Coaches for Kids within the Toronto District School Board.  What quickly became evident was the need for a sustained, curriculum-based, life skills development program, guided by trained coaches, that could empower impressionable children, bolster their self-esteem and better prepare them for the challenges of adolescence. 

Future Possibilities™ (Toronto) launched its first community-based program, Ready, Set, Goal! in September 2001 with 24 kids and at no cost to their families. By year three, the program had expanded to serve 120 kids!

Founder Geri Berholz on the origins of FPK

Future Possibilities for Kids Programs 

  The flagship program has always been the cornerstone to FPK's work:

  Through the years, FPK added additional programs including:


Since 2001, FPK delivered innovative and effective coaching-based programs free of cost to children from communities facing barriers across the Greater Toronto Area. Programming focused on children ages 9-12 and offered them an alternative learning environment that nurtures a growth mindset, possibility thinking, increases resilience and supports their meaningful engagement with local/global issues. Over 6,000 children have become leaders through FPK’s programs. Building kids, youth and adults as Agents of Change was at the core of FPK’s mandate. We saw the impact of our leadership program with past participants returning to participate as volunteers and even Board Members.

FPK evaluated programming throughout the years and saw amazing results:

  Kids reported positive results too:

Offering Hope as FPK Closes Its Doors

In May 2023 FPK offered its last program. Like many other small organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging for the organization. The overall economic environment, challenges facing the non-profit sector, and a shift in funding strategies and priorities with some long-standing funding partners left FPK unable to continue to run programming in the existing format. 

The Board of Directors and many volunteers remained committed to engaging with other charitable organizations to share FPK’s programs and methodology with the hope to continue the impact of the incredible and long-standing leadership programs.

Through this commitment, the organization reached out to dozens of organizations and with their encouragement, developed and now offer this open-source project. This project aims to freely share the assets, templates, examples, methodologies and programs of FPK for use by any and all organizations who are trying to benefit their communities. 

Special Thank Yous

FPK would like extend a special thank you to the many Kids and parents who have been part of the programs over the years. Thank you to the generous KidCoaches and Crew Captains who volunteered their time to support the Kids. Thank you to the donors and supporters who financially supported the organization. Thank you to our special volunteers throughout the years, and in particular our many members of the Board of Directors and the special people who supported the open source project. And last, but certainly not least, thank you to FPK's founders Harry and Geri Berholz who displayed the most amazing possibility thinking when they imagined and started Future Possibilities for Kids. 

Celebrating 20 Years of FPK

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