Ready, Set, Goal!

Ready, Set, Goal! (RSG!) is our FREE kid-led leadership program!  We invite 9-12 year olds to become leaders by setting and achieving goals that will impact their communities.  Using an inquiry-based approach, Kids will be challenged to think creatively, communicate powerfully, build confidence, take on responsibility and most importantly, have fun!

Kids in the program are matched one-to-one with a trained adult volunteer (KidCoach) and work outside school hours; consisting of 24 weekly phone calls and four Activity Days.  By holding a safe space and building a trusted relationship, Kids come up with their own answers by asking open questions, being heard, using differentiated learning and acknowledging inner strengths.

Growth happening within the Kid and is reflected through the goals they set out to accomplish.  Past goals include: anti-bullying campaigns, creating sports or language clubs, awareness presentations, environment clean-up days, building playgrounds, donating to the less fortunate, and petitioning global issues.

What are Activity Days:

Activity Days are important learning and meeting opportunities for all Kids and KidCoaches in the Ready, Set, Goal! program.  Attendance is mandatory because teambuilding exercises and workshops are challenging to replicate during weekly calls.

Future Possibilities for Kids arranges FREE transportation to and from Activity Days.  School buses are organized by region and hubs within partnered schools.

Applications for Kids to join Ready, Set, Goal! 2019-2020 are now closed, but will reopen in spring, 2020. Please visit this page for future updates.


To learn more about Ready, Set, Goal! and bus transportation to Activity Days, direct your questions to one of our Community Outreach Coordinators!

Adith Mathew, Community Outreach Coordinator

416-923-0777 x234

Eric Tam, Community Outreach Coordinator

416-923-0777 x239

How to Volunteer as a KidCoach:

KidCoach applications for the 2019-2020 program year are now closed, but will reopen in spring, 2020. Please visit the KidCoach page for more information.